Acquawhite Levi Rectangle Basin XL

Acquawhite Levi Rectangle Basin XL

Acquabella’s new bathroom collection is inspired by the purest forms of nature: designs with refined and minimalist lines, where the colour white and the power it emanates take centre stage. Acquawhite pays homage to the beauty of nature.

Acquawhite’s versatility allows you to mix different styles in the same space, without the combination becoming chaotic. That way, you can create spaces that exude harmony and serenity. The design of this collection, which consists of a complete series of baths, totems, washbasins and worktops, allows them to be combined with elements in varying materials, textures and colours. A thoroughly personal space, where delicacy and the avant-garde coexist in perfect harmony.

The Levi series in the Acquawhite collection is based on the delicate simplicity of the soft shapes that evoke the waves left by the sea on the coast. This selection of bathtub, countertop, totems and washbasins are capable of recreating the sensation of calm that the movement of water produces.

Rectangular in shape, the Levi Rectangle XL washbasin on countertop combines its large size with a perfect finish for the bathroom. This sink includes a valve.

Dimensions: 600×360 mm


File size: 330 KB
Dimensions: 3500x2625px
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Brand: Acquabella


organic, natural, countertop, matt white